Often remotely located vessels face challenges with computer issues, and A9X Scripting is one of the tools that can allow remote intervention, allowing the computers to be accessed and returned to their normal operating capabilities.

A recent event on a ship required the office-based IT Support Team to try and connect to the ship using TeamViewer. After several attempts, no access to the network could be obtained locally nor via TeamViewer.

A9X Cyber Detective had previously been installed on the vessel’s computers, and this allowed A9X Scripting to be used. An IT team can create and send scripts to any PC’s on any of their vessels from the A9X Web Dashboard. The scripts can be written in PowerShell, Ruby or Python using an embedded version of Microsoft’s VS Code IDE.

The Code Editor allowed simple command/script dispatching and reporting, making it quick and simple to trouble shoot the problem. The server time that was the problem source was detected, adjusted, all the machines were resynced and this solved the login issues. The ship’s network was restored within a few hours using A9X Scripting service.

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