Executive Summary

Keeping your anti-virus protection updated is extremely important, if you want to protect your marine vessels from new malware attacks. Anti-Virus signatures need to be updated on a regular daily basis. Relying on weekly updates exposes your marine vessels to a serious risk of infection.

With A9X Defender, powered by Windows Defender, supplies a full daily engine and signature update. Updates are downloaded once by the communications PC and distributed across the network. Updates are optimized for maritime and are 100-to-1 times smaller than most updates.

At A9X Cyber Security, we never compromise on security. We streamline the update process to provide full, daily signature updates with comprehensive reporting, rather than a limited weekly snapshot.

Virus Background

The recent Zeus Ransomware, encrypts user data and then prompts them to visit a website to learn how to pay a ransom and get their files back. The ransomware also threatens to publish the stolen data on their website if victims don’t pay the ransom. Zeon payloads are a Python-based executable packaged via pyInstaller and further obfuscated via pyArmor to avoid detection.

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