“2-Click” Remote Control

In addition to our innovative A9X Scripting service, we’ve started adding helpful “2-click” remote control options into our base Cyber Detective platform.

Recent additions include performing virus scans, rebooting and shutting down PCs.

Cyber Detective Dashboard - 2 Click Remote Control

Virus Scans

Powered byA9X Defender, we have the ability to perform 3 different types of virus scan: Quick, Full and Offline, with the results returned to the Dashboard. The offline scan will shutdown the PC, perform an in-depth scan and remove malware before restarting Windows.

Cyber Detective Dashboard - Remote Virus Scan

Reboot and Shutdown

You can now remotely reboot and shutdown PCs from the Dashboard. You can set when it will happen and also the message displayed to the crew, providing them ample time to save their work. The Shut down option can remove PCs from the network that have either been replaced, or are showing suspicious activity.

Cyber Detective Dashboard - Remote Reboot