“A9X Cyber Detective software has achieved more than 1,000,000 audits on the vessels using this software since 1st February 2022.

A9X Cyber Detective software, is a bespoke cyber-security platform for the maritime industry, that reports if PC’s are secure, performing normally and up-to-date.

There are currently 2,100 ++ PCs that are active on the A9X Cyber Detective Dashboard.

The audits check the status of the vessels PC’s in areas such as:

  • Hardware, OS and software auditing.
  • Hardware failure prediction.
  • Performance monitoring.
  • Local and group policy analysis - including recommended best practices, NIST and government guidelines.
  • Vulnerability discovery.
  • Network monitoring.

A9X Cyber Detective also assists vessel owners and operators to comply with IMO MSC.428 (98) requirements including the potential cyber-security risk vulnerabilities, whilst also reducing the need for IT visits to the vessels.

A9X Cyber Detective software, used along with the other software’s provided by A9X Cyber Security can provide a “Defense In Depth” approach to cyber-security risk management:

  • A9X Cyber Detective.
  • A9X Defender.
  • A9X Win Updates.
  • A9X USB Manager.
  • A9X Scripting.
  • A9X VoodooShield.
  • A9X Watchdog.
  • A9X Safe Web.

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