A9X Win Update software, is a bespoke cyber-security software for the maritime industry, that allows for the low bandwidth, high latency satellite communication systems used on the maritime industry, and optimized for efficient delivery.

A9X Win Update software, allows for automated deployment of the Microsoft Security Updates. Only 1 to 2 GB of disk space is required compared to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) that requires 40 GB ++. Updates are sandboxed by A9X Cyber Security, and put through a rigorous testing process before being automatically deployed by the A9X Win Update software. It was during this sandboxing process that some faults with the Windows Security Update KB5015807 were discovered, so distribution of this update was suspended.

See more details:

Microsoft confirms issues in Windows 10 KB5015807 update

A9X Cyber Detective software, used along with the other software’s provided by A9X Cyber Security can provide a “Defense In Depth” approach to cyber-security risk management:

  • A9X Cyber Detective.
  • A9X Defender.
  • A9X Win Updates.
  • A9X USB Manager.
  • A9X Scripting.
  • A9X VoodooShield.
  • A9X Watchdog.
  • A9X Safe Web.

There are currently 2,100++ PC’s that are active on the A9X Cyber Detective Dashboard.

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